Moving to Saudi Arabia: Reality vs Perception

Once the decision was made, other than the sadness of husband and I having to do long distance until my visa situation got sorted, I was really pumped up about the new phase in life. I was constantly planning what all I

Moving to Saudi Arabia: Choosing the expat life

Moving to the Kingdom of the Arab Land, Saudi Arabia, happened out of nowhere. We weren't planning to move anywhere out of the country at all so this was least expected.

Introduction Part II: What am I doing here?

This blog is the place where I share my tidbits on growing up and embracing adulthood. Nothing philosophical, just common sense (or maybe not) stuff. Why did I feel the need to do that? Well, I am surrounded by

Introduction Part I: Who am I?

Hi Visitor & Potential Friend,

I am delighted that you dropped by. I'm guessing you have already read the 'about' section and a more detailed intro type scene is now in order? I am a twenty-something Pakistani girl, born and raised in Lahore but have spent

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