Moving to Saudi Arabia: Choosing the expat life

Moving to the Kingdom of the Arab Land, Saudi Arabia, happened out of nowhere. We weren't planning to move anywhere out of the country at all so this was least expected.

How Did It Happen?

One fine day, Mr. Husband randomly got approached by a headhunter with a fantastic job opportunity that was sort of too good to be true for him given his work experience. We laughed it off thinking God knows what it was that the headhunter had thought of before approaching but thought there was no harm in going for the interview regardless. Little did we know that the same job would knock on our door after 6 months, this time with an offer letter, based on the interview that we had completely forgotten about. Fate works in mysterious ways. 

Decision Making:

Deciding to moving to Saudi Arabia was nothing like the decision to move to any other country on the globe. The reactions it evoked from different groups of people were in stark contrast, depending on that person's religious inclination. Our parents, who would otherwise have reacted very differently to us moving abroad, beamed at the thought of their children living in the Land of The Holy Cities. The opportunity was considered more of a sign from God than a case of husband getting beyond lucky.

Our most important consideration was the fact that I would have to leave my job and stay at home, for some time at least. We weren’t going to find out which city we’ll be in until husband officially joined (something to do with region wise vacancies) and the corporate job opportunities in Saudia (esp. for women) vary quite a lot from city to city. Basically, I couldn’t start looking for a job beforehand so I could have something sorted by the time I uprooted my life and moved.

Mind became a mesh of all sorts of thoughts. I had been having a lot of phases where I was happy with the work I was doing but constantly found myself lamenting over all the things I loved doing or wanted to learn but could not make time for because of a highly demanding work schedule. Since husband had been the victim of all those whining sessions, he believed that I could use this break from work to actually do things I had been longing for until I figured out the job scene after moving.

For most part, I felt excited at the thought of such a drastic lifestyle change. I had lived abroad for some time during my studies but this was going to be a new experience altogther. Not only because this time it wasn't going to be 6 months living in a dorm room, I was now married and wanted to set up a fully-functioning house in a new country, but more so because Saudi Arabia is not like any other country.

Final verdict after much deliberation: Challenge accepted!

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  1. I recently started following your blog and I thought I'll catch on the older posts. Enjoying your writing style, best of luck!


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