Day 9: The happily ever after and the basis of it all - the nikkah nama

The Valima - it was a slower and relatively chilled out day. We were obviously physically drained and day-dreaming of crashing on a bed but the thought of one memorable phase ending and another beginning kept us mentally charged. While I had started counting days to our honeymoon

Day 8: The day to officially move houses and become a dual-resident forever

One of the most MOST anticipated moments of the whole wedding hoopla for me was walking down the aisle with my dad. It is totally cliched and almost everyone does it but that didn't make it any less special. It was something that falls into the 'embarrassing' category for him. He's a man of

Day 7: The correct demeanor of the bride - Getting the 'correct' part correct

How should the bride behave and carry herself? I say, just like she has been doing it, as the person she has always been. Being a bride does not call for a personality change. The transformation from Shakeela to Shakira or vice versa is really not necessary. To lower the eyes or not? To dance or not to

Day 6: From Miss to Mrs on one foggy morning

It was a very foggy morning. The kind that is typical of late December mornings in Lahore. When you wake up to window panes covered with a mixture of dew and fog and you can barely see through the porch to the main gate of your house. On that particular morning, I left my house at

Day 5: The essence of wedding dances and an unprepared bride

I absolutely love bbqs, just the smell of a bbq can make any winter day feel festive, at least that’s how it works in my head. My dad knows this, he had been seeing me toppling over with joy at the thought of having a bbq at home. So he arranged one for me and my friends who had now all arrived

Day 4: The scandalous conversation about the desi wedding

desi wedding sex

Today I’ll be talking about some scandalous, besharam stuff. Stuff that us desis are not supposed to talk about because haw haye, shame shame! You got it, didn’t you? The "S" word - so relevant to getting married. Yet, we talk about the nail colors and the hairstyles, not the "S" word. Apparently,

Day 3: The wedding spending criterion, should there be any?

Wedding spending criterion
Cheap thrills
I had been quite clear on the wedding spending right from the beginning - let the heart interfere only for the things that I can at least use beyond the wedding. For the rest, stick to a budget that wouldn't make me doubt my

Day 2: The someone special to drape your dopattas

pakistani wedding, mehndi

Mine was not the house overflowing with wedding guests. All my immediate family is based in Lahore so we didn’t have anybody staying at our place. I quite liked it that way because it meant I had the entire place for my friends coming from Karachi and Islamabad. The first and the most awaited

Day 1: A Simple Mayun with not-so-simple Emotions

simple mayu decor , cheap decor ideas, affordable wedding

My first wedding function was held exactly two years ago today - a Dua followed by Mayun. This event was purely my mom's baby, she insisted I wore a ‘peela jora’. I was not too keen on running around like a sunflower

Another Wedding Series?

shadi series pakistan, shaadi

December is upon us and the wedding frenzy has engulfed the sane and the insane alike. Expats like me, who don't particularly enjoy dressing up almost every day to meet the same people and eat the same food, are secretly clapping for being away from home at this time of the year. Unless

City of Taif: The New Home and Its Pros and Cons

City Al Taif Expat life in taif
Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam - For me, these were the only 3 cities that made up Saudi Arabia (other than Makkah and Madina of course). So when Mr. Husband excitedly told me that we had been placed in Taif, I was like: "Errrr... Is that supposed to be a good thing?" I discovered soon enough that

A day in Riyadh

Sunset in Riyadh

On reaching Riyadh, we went straight to our hotel, checked in and immediately went out to satisfy the hunger pangs in the tummy. After reading quite a few reviews on Foursquare and some blogs, we decided to dine at Tao on the famous Tahlia Street.

Weekend Trip: The Road to Riyadh

Road trip to riyadh
In the Middle of Nowhere
I have been living in Saudi Arabia for about 6 months now. All this time has been spent on the western end of the Kingdom, in and around Jeddah and the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madina. I had not had the chance to visit the
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