A day in Riyadh

Sunset in Riyadh

On reaching Riyadh, we went straight to our hotel, checked in and immediately went out to satisfy the hunger pangs in the tummy. After reading quite a few reviews on Foursquare and some blogs, we decided to dine at Tao on the famous Tahlia Street.
The place was a bit of a disappointment. The food was not bad but it was not good value for money. Maybe it was a bad idea to go there for dinner, it felt more like a cafe where you could lounge and have coffee with their desserts. Not reviewing in detail because I don't want to write about stuff that I didn't find nice enough.

The next morning, we were woken up early by the AC which had randomly decided to sprinkle water over our heads. I don't blame the AC. Mr. Husband had kept the temperature really low, even though the weather was quite pleasant, which has caused the AC to act up. Anyways, now that we were up, couldn't ignore the stomach growls (clearly, the previous night's dinner had not satisfied us). So we went out food searching, ended up at Starbucks and stuffed ourselves full. It wasn't even 10am on a Friday so we went back to the hotel and crashed. Oh the sweet sweet sleep that comes only with a tummy full of food!
The plan post Jumma prayers was to go to the Kingdom Centre. I like to call it 'The Burj-ul-Arab of Riyadh' because it's that iconic building that you get to see everywhere whenever you look up anything about the city. We had limited time so we thought we'll have lunch in the mall's food court, roam around doing window shopping and then go to the Sky Bridge post sunset to check out the city view. Leisurely enough, no rush. Out of alllll the options present, guess what did I choose?
Yes, KFC!
I don't know man, I had this strange craving for crisp and spicy Hot Shots that I could not resist. And that's exactly how they turned out, crisp, spicy and hot. Buhat maza aya!
View of riyadh city, view of riyadh, sky bridge riyadh
City View From the 99th Floor
After some interesting window shopping experience in the mall, you can read up about it on my Instagram here, we headed to the Sky Bridge. You reach the 77th floor of the building by one elevator and then switch to another one to get to the 99th floor for the Sky Bridge. The ticket price is 60SAR/adult, 20SAR for kids under 10 years and free for infants under 2 years. The views of the capital were pretty indeed, but then any sight with so many lights is bound to look pretty. I would have preferred if there was some open space where you could feel the air and sit around with a cuppa chai. But the bridge is completely glass-walled and there are no snacking options. So we walked from one end to the other, took a few pictures and came down to the earth to make in time for our next stop, the Got Talent Show. Deets on the show can be found on this instagram post.
I have no idea why I did not take more pictures in the mall, seriously feeling the lack of pictures in this post.

Until next time, adios amigos!


  1. Would love to meet up when you visit Riyadh next :)

    1. Aww thanks Marium :) I guess it will be a while with the baby now!


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