Day 1: A Simple Mayun with not-so-simple Emotions

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My first wedding function was held exactly two years ago today - a Dua followed by Mayun. This event was purely my mom's baby, she insisted I wore a ‘peela jora’. I was not too keen on running around like a sunflower
that is never facing the sun so I added my pinks and greens to it. No bling bling, no kaam shaam, a simple dress for a simple event. That dress brought a sparkle to Ami’s eyes when I wore it for the first time, moms are just weird like that. 

It was primarily an all-aunty family function, cousins included for entertainment of course, and I kept the event before my friends arrived from other cities to stay with me. The idea was to spend the week before the wedding surrounded only by the people I had fun with, who understood my joy and made it theirs and were genuinely involved in the celebrations.

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I didn't consider getting my hair or make-up done, perhaps I was totally convinced that I had so much of that ‘dulhan ka roop’ that I did not need anything else. So I conveniently did my own hair, put on a lip stain, wore all the flower jewellery that my father had so lovingly ordered (he instructed the flower guy exactly how he wanted that ring) and walked out of my room feeling like a million bucks 

Other than close relatives, I don’t remember who all put the henna on my hands, ubtan on my face and stuffed my mouth with bunties (thankfully, no mithai). I just remember the warm fuzzy feeling when they expressed love and gave prayers, except that one aunty who felt it was more important to say that I should have gained more weight. She could tell because my engagement ring looked a tad loose on my finger (nothing beats the observation of an aunty). 

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I don’t remember the dinner menu, or the color of the rasam thaals. But I do remember  my parents standing in a corner, enjoying their pink tea, quietly watching us with content smiles on their faces. And that stays the most prominent memory of the day for me!

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  1. Your dad is so adorable :) I'm already loving this series :D


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