Day 2: The someone special to drape your dopattas

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Mine was not the house overflowing with wedding guests. All my immediate family is based in Lahore so we didn’t have anybody staying at our place. I quite liked it that way because it meant I had the entire place for my friends coming from Karachi and Islamabad. The first and the most awaited
one landed today, two years ago that is. I didn’t have a ‘biological sister’, so God had given me this one. She came and took charge, my mom conveniently made her responsible for everything she feared she would forget. Basically, this sister from another mister became Ami’s right hand. I was probably the left. And Ami has always been right-handed.

I like to believe that I was a pretty chilled out bride (that verdict comes after seeing some true bridezillas in life), I wasn’t losing my mind all over the place in those last few days, nor was my family considering putting me on tranquilizers. Even then, I truly cherish the presence of that friend-cum-sister. In my na-cheez sa opinion, that one person, be it a sibling, cousin or friend, who keeps giving you all that unnecessary attention that you’re convinced you deserve (but really now, do you?), can help you make serious evaluation of your relationships.

It is not about the chores they do or the lists they make, those things could get done anyways. It is the realization that someone thinks it makes complete sense if you second-guess your wedding entrance song for the umpteenth time and manages to show the same enthusiasm to contemplate on the gravity of the matter. That is what makes them special. No matter how close a bond you had before, the faith they show in your mental health when you ask them to give a practical demonstration of how they’ll drape your dopatta on stage, gives a new twisted dimension to your relationship that makes things crazier than they were before.

Have that person by your side. Don't care if you're taunted for picking out 'the one' from a group of friends who thought they're equally close to you. They'll most likely be glad in their hearts later when they see that 'the one' doesn't get the liberty to spend hours getting ready. They have to do what mine can be seen doing in the picture above.

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  1. This made me soooo nostalgic :( My sister was that person for me and she is so far away now

  2. Awww! Give her a call straight away, then share this post with her and tell her she's that person for you :D
    You're welcome, for the muft mashwara :P

  3. I'm going to make my best friend read this hahaha! I love your writing, keep blogging!

  4. I was this person for my sister's wedding, my male cousin's wedding, and some other close weddings. Guess what ! When i got married in Feb i basically did most of stuff myself. i moved to Lahore from islamabad for the wedding. I packed my jahaiz suitcases almost myself , went to saloon for the services/bridal make over alone, and headed to the bridal photography venue all by myself. Basically i was the one to do most of the stuff myself. -MBS

    1. The you were the someone special for yourself and that's awesome in a different way :)

      My friend in the picture recently got married and I couldn't be there for her because I couldn't travel with a 20 days old baby. We had tried coordinating her wedding dates so that I could attend it but it just couldn't work out. It sucked big time! I had to do with pictures and videos shared by other friend who were there :(

    2. Yeah it's special in its own way.My husband works in Dubai. The post shaadi settling down period wasn't dramatic for me because I can handle much of the stuff (being all alone in the house for most part of the day isn't my thing however).

      Your friend must have missed you. Basically, it's those nameless hasrat wali feelings that make it sound awful.


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