Day 3: The wedding spending criterion, should there be any?

Wedding spending criterion
Cheap thrills
I had been quite clear on the wedding spending right from the beginning - let the heart interfere only for the things that I can at least use beyond the wedding. For the rest, stick to a budget that wouldn't make me doubt my
sanity when I look back (read: tell the heart to shut up). For example, the make-up goes down the drain (quite literally, making a gurgling noise) within 12hrs. Just because it cost over a lac for an event doesn't mean it's going to stay forever. The only thing that you can keep with you are those fake eyelashes. But come on now, really? 

Even he is contemplating on the question
So when Abu offered to get fancy flower decor done at the house to give it ‘shadi feels’, I told him to just get me a bunch of fresh daffodils (nargis kay phool) every day because I love them. The decor was done by me and my cousins with some colorful dopattas and cheap paper flowers which, when being taken-off after two weeks, did not cause any shame for having wasted money. For that fresh flowery scent around the house, my sasti tried and tested suggestion is to get your hands on some tube roses. There, we're good to go with just a chotu sa dent on the pocket, it'll heal before you know it.

We had a blast decorating the place for two days, trying out the cheapest (not in terms of money) ideas with some punjabi wedding songs in the background. My memories of those days are of someone screaming they can’t find the end of the sticky tape again, scissors lost beneath the entangled heap of flower strings for the hundredth time and someone shaking the step-ladder to scare the ones standing at the top pretending to be creative (don’t try this at home). 

The house ended up looking exactly like all the houses we had decorated together for each cousin’s wedding since time immemorial. And that is what made it special. Add to it my obsession with fairy lights and everything was blingy and sparkly. The ‘shadi feels’ came when someone started playing the dholak after the day’s labour. Needed no imported flowers for that.

By the way, that stud in the pictures was the most active participant of the decor team. He totally knew something unusual was happening and he didn't want to miss the action.

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  1. Recently attended a wedding with a 5lac ka stage! Cannot even begin to describe how disturbed I was. I dont know if i was more disturbed by the money spent on the stage or how proudly the groom's mother shared the info with every guest :|

    1. Hayeee, have felt the same at a few weddings myself

  2. Yaar aaj kal log aisa nahe sochtay. Parents take loans to show off on weddings, so sad :(

  3. I totally hear you. The shaddi feels arise from genuine feelings people share with you, those crazy laughs, silly pranks, and those trivial but imp moments.
    Bless you for writing what matters the most.

    1. MBS - I like that sound of that :P
      Thanks for the appreciation :)


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