Weekend Trip: The Road to Riyadh

Road trip to riyadh
In the Middle of Nowhere
I have been living in Saudi Arabia for about 6 months now. All this time has been spent on the western end of the Kingdom, in and around Jeddah and the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madina. I had not had the chance to visit the
capital, Riyadh. So when we got to know of the Got Talent Show (deets on my Instagram) coming to KSA for the first time, we decided to get the tickets for the performance in Riyadh instead of Jeddah. 

saudi arabia landscape, desert road
That's As Green As It Gets
It was a non-stop 8 hour drive but surprisingly, it was not as tiring as an 8 hour drive normally would be. For me, it was primarily because I conveniently slept for 3 hours in the back seat of the car (shame on me?). For the husband-cum-driver, it helped that the highway is in excellent condition, with bare minimum traffic and it's literally one straight road that you have to travel at a constant speed, no steep land or dangerously curvy patches to maneuver through. Almost the entire journey is across the desert so you bear witness to endless expanse of land on either side of the road. Herds of sheep and camel grace you with their presence along the way but only infrequently.

Road through the desert
The Road to Riyadh
These views would have bored me immensely a few months ago. I am more of a cloudy mountains over sandy plains person. But ever since I got myself into the 'exploring the desert land' mode and stopped writing-off everything Saudi as uneventful, I started realizing that these views had a majestic aura of their own. Your eyes only see through the lens you put on with your attitude. So you need the right attitude AND the right music, crucial stuff for me, to feel the serenity and appreciate the grandeur of the desert landscape.

Perspective - All That Matters
On our way back, we were going west head on and got to experience the sun set right in front of eyes, into the horizon. Some breathtaking views which I could not do any justice to with pictures because: i) I'm a terrible photographer and ii) I only had the phone camera on me. 

Time to Take Off the Sun Shades And Watch The Sky Transform
It was surreal watching the blazing sunshine dissipate into cooler hues and witness the sky transform into a beautiful mélange of yellows and pinks and blues. For about an hour, husband and I just quietly observed the changing colors in the sky and took in all the tranquility that gradually engulfed the surroundings. For that one hour, there was no music. It wasn't needed. 

sunset riyadh to taif saudi arabia
When No Music is Needed
We came back home refreshed, looking forward to a new week. 
Weekend well spent!

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