Book Review: The Still Point of The Turning World

An author’s first book is usually a labor of love. The Still Point of the Turning World is no different; it is the product of Sheikh’s intense labor and unrelenting love for writing. Labor, because I have personally witnessed

One-Step Baby Food Maker - Baby Brezza

When I started preparing for the weaning journey, the first thing I wanted to get was a baby food processor. While it may be an unnecessary item for many, it was essential for me to have a separate appliance for making


AleyanSays: I’m eight months old and my mom spent good 15 minutes trying to put me in those clothes because I take a second to roll over and

Pulp Feeder - Make Self-Feeding Fun

Boon, pulp, food feeder, baby food feeder, baby feeder, baby pulp , boon
Pulp Feeder by Boon
 So this thing has made its appearance in my insta stories quite a few times and I've been getting a lot of questions about it so I thought of answering

Madain Saleh - The Hidden Treasure of Saudi Arabia

Madain Saleh - the name I had been hearing ever since I moved to Saudi Arabia. It was one of Ahmad’s must visit places in the Kingdom and we were always trying to fit it into one of our plans. Since it is quite far from both

Aleyan Says: 7th Month Shenanigans

AleyanSays: My seventh month started in the airplane to Sri Lanka, watching a movie and chilling like pro. The movie was courtesy of the uncle

Book Review Time: The Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger & The Writing On My Forehead by Nafisa Haji

I finished this book a couple of weeks ago but wasn't sure how to go about reviewing it. Finally, I decided to try and write the review in the same style/tone in which the book

Shoaiba Beach - Mini Excursion From Jeddah

Now that we're pretty much settled in Jeddah and have fallen into somewhat of a routine, we're excited about exploring the port city and discovering everything it has to offer. 

Aleyan Says: 6 Months - That's Half A Year!

AleyanSays: I won’t even say I’m 6 months old because I’m going to be 7 months soon insha’Allah - yeah, that’s how much preference this series gets from my mom. Since I’m a big boy now, I’ll start talking about complicated things, things I eavesdrop on when mama baba think I’m asleep. I’m talking

Travelling With A Baby - The Real Picture

Sun Island - Maldives
Beautiful travel pictures in vacation clothes against picturesque backgrounds may make it look like all you have to do is pick up the baby and frolic around at exotic locations. But truth be told, there’s a lot more that goes on in the background and doesn’t get captured in pictures. Not

Aleyan Says: I'm 5 Months New

#AleyanSays: I came back from Pakistan leaving a lot of people sad. There were lots of cuddles and lots of pappis and jhappis. Makes me wonder, am I really that special? Mama was so scared of flying with me alone for the first time. I wish I could tell her that I had no plans of misbehaving and making

Aleyan Says: I'm 4 Months New

You know what's the best thing that happened in my fourth month? I CAME TO PAKISTAN! I felt so cool travelling by air with my very own passport on which I look like a drugged out potato. My mom and Dadi got so many benefits because of me. The Saudi officer at the airport made them skip

To All The Amazing Fathers - Happy Father's Day!

A father doesn't carry the baby inside his body for 9 months. 

A father doesn't spend months puking his insides out or tossing and turning in bed, night after night, trying to get into a comfortable position.

Postpartum Milestones: Hair Fall That Clogs your Drain

Most women enjoy thick and lustrous mane of hair during pregnancy. I started noticing the change in my hair some time around the second trimester and was wowed. They were thick-er and bouncy-er and SHINY-er!

Aleyan Says: I'm 3 Months Old Already

Hello guys! I turned 3 months old yesterday, yay me! I feel grown up and all, you see that bow tie and the shoes? Well, I can't wait for them to be taken off once mom is done taking a thousand pictures of me. Things I do to make her smile! Apparently this 3-month mark is a big deal, but my mom

From Mindless Recitation to Active Understanding - Becoming Friends With The Quran

All through my childhood, the start of Ramzan meant the start of reciting at least one Juz of the Holy Quran every day. My parents would tell me and my brother that it was the bare minimum of the 'extra' ibaadat we could do

From A Daughter To A Mother - Happy Mother's Day!

All through my labour, my mother kept making trips to the rest room. More frequently than a normal person would. Initially, I thought that her tummy had gone a non-cooperative mode at the most inappropriate time. It was a while later when I noticed puffy eyes and a nose the color of a ripe 

The Life After Birth


Ever since I started blogging about my pregnancy and the subsequent motherhood experience, I came to know so many amazing mothers who are either at the same stage of motherhood as me or are way more experienced and always have me saying "That is SO me!" to their posts. It is always a pleasure interacting with fellow bloggers and taking part in their projects that I can relate to.

One such project is #TheLifeAfterBirthProject by Brit Deshi Mummy. Its posts hit home every time I read them and I was delighted to become a part of it by sharing a snippet of my life with Aleyan. Check out my post on the Brit Deshi Mummy blog here

You can submit your own story as well and spread some mommy love and inspiration :)

How I Became A Mother

He had not even completed 24 hours in the world. Baby Aleyan. I had barely spent a couple of hours with him. He was brought from the nursery to our hospital room early morning. My husband and parents were going 

The Midlife Spices - Growing-Up Happily

growing up happily

Is it just me or does anyone else also feel that us twenty-somethings are already living in a state of constant worry that our elders experienced much later in their lives? Talking in fancy terms, the Oxford dictionary describes midlife as: “The central period of a person's life,

I have been a very non-sughar girl all my life. I hated going to the kitchen (still do) and barely ever took genuine interest in household chores. More than my mom, it was always my dad who told me to learn some basic cooking, do 'kitchen work' and develop interest in 'gharelu' kaam. My mom was usually my defender who would let me hide behind my books and calm my dad saying: "She'll do it when she needs to." Abu would obviously blame her for spoiling me.
Today, my mom sees my current home for the first time. This is my fourth place after shadi but the first one that husband and I truly put our hearts (and lots of arguments) into setting up in the most personalised way. I spent an entire day on major safai spree, from organising the kitchen cabinets to the wardrobes to making sure every mirror is spotless and every glass is squeaky clean. Obviously she knows I'm pregnant and she's only coming here to facilitate me for the next two months but it is her first time and I REALLY REALLY wanted my house to look spick and span!
No matter how uninterested us girls have been in 'gharelu work', I really feel that when the time comes, we naturally take after our mothers and consciously or unconsciously do things just the way we have seen them do. I can clearly see myself emulating her whenever I'm tidying up for guests and recall how I now fuss over a minor misalignment of couches with my husband when I used to tell my mom to let go of such things back in the day. I hope she comes and sees that she was right all along, I can be sughar (only when I feel the need to be) and manage my house just the way I've seen her do!

Book Review Time: No God But God by Reza Aslan & Brida by Paulo Coelho

I always felt that history is not the genre that I have the temperament for, neither had I ever read a book on Islam before. So I just randomly picked this up hoping to learn things beyond what we're exposed to as part of Muslim households, I'm sure the fact that I was soon going to move to the

Top Pregnancy Reads: The Ones That Seem To Be Written By Humans

The most common suggestion from all new moms when I told them of my pregnancy: "Download the BabyCentre app and read What To Expect When You're Expecting". I did both. And within a few weeks,I realized that I only

Week 35: The Never Ending Uncertanty in the Last Trimester

The past couple of weeks have been a blur of emotions and uncertainty. I'm in the last trimester and until a week ago I was still not sure if I was going to be delivering in the Arab Land or Pakistan. Stupid visa issues because

Lower Your Expectations - The Key To A Peaceful Mind, The Key That is So Hard To Find

Lower expectations, relationships, disappointments
Being introspective amidst nature? Just kidding. Totally posing, didn't read a word of that book. (Bumburet Valley, Kalash)

One of the many ‘rules to live by’ I grew up hearing from my dad was, “Keep no expectations from anyone”. He often said it to my mom with regards to children as well. And it offended me. A lot. “Am I that hopeless a case that you cannot expect anything of me?”, I used to complain. It

Desi Pregnancy Problems: The Need To Know And The Rush to Assume

pakistani problems, desi moms, first time mother, judgmental people

Our first pregnancy shoot, back from the 22nd week, in which we were only supposed to be testing the light and figuring out how to pose with a baby bump. But I loved how the pictures tuned out. Or maybe it’s just my

Discovering the Blue in the Blueberry - The Most Exciting Visit To The Sonographer

There. You must have figured it out already. WE ARE HAVING A BOY!
Now I can jump straight to the story of how unexpectedly we discovered this very exciting news :)

An Affair To Remember - Cheating On My Husband With A Long Time Love

Like most kids (now adults) from my generation, my love affair with books also started with Harry Potter, no surprises there. I enjoyed reading in general but had never really gone to buy a book or planned a read. The kids magazines (mostly Urdu, thanks to them I'm not an Urdu illiterate today)

Remembering 2016 And How It Made Me Adult - Major News Break Somewhere In There

Year 2016 will go down the pages of history for reasons more than one. We have enough memes making the rounds to prove that this was no ordinary year across the globe and will not be remembered as such.
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