Lower Your Expectations - The Key To A Peaceful Mind, The Key That is So Hard To Find

Lower expectations, relationships, disappointments
Being introspective amidst nature? Just kidding. Totally posing, didn't read a word of that book. (Bumburet Valley, Kalash)

One of the many ‘rules to live by’ I grew up hearing from my dad was, “Keep no expectations from anyone”. He often said it to my mom with regards to children as well. And it offended me. A lot. “Am I that hopeless a case that you cannot expect anything of me?”, I used to complain. It

Desi Pregnancy Problems: The Need To Know And The Rush to Assume

pakistani problems, desi moms, first time mother, judgmental people

Our first pregnancy shoot, back from the 22nd week, in which we were only supposed to be testing the light and figuring out how to pose with a baby bump. But I loved how the pictures tuned out. Or maybe it’s just my

Discovering the Blue in the Blueberry - The Most Exciting Visit To The Sonographer

There. You must have figured it out already. WE ARE HAVING A BOY!
Now I can jump straight to the story of how unexpectedly we discovered this very exciting news :)

An Affair To Remember - Cheating On My Husband With A Long Time Love

Like most kids (now adults) from my generation, my love affair with books also started with Harry Potter, no surprises there. I enjoyed reading in general but had never really gone to buy a book or planned a read. The kids magazines (mostly Urdu, thanks to them I'm not an Urdu illiterate today)

Remembering 2016 And How It Made Me Adult - Major News Break Somewhere In There

Year 2016 will go down the pages of history for reasons more than one. We have enough memes making the rounds to prove that this was no ordinary year across the globe and will not be remembered as such.
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