The Midlife Spices - Growing-Up Happily

growing up happily

Is it just me or does anyone else also feel that us twenty-somethings are already living in a state of constant worry that our elders experienced much later in their lives? Talking in fancy terms, the Oxford dictionary describes midlife as: “The central period of a person's life,

I have been a very non-sughar girl all my life. I hated going to the kitchen (still do) and barely ever took genuine interest in household chores. More than my mom, it was always my dad who told me to learn some basic cooking, do 'kitchen work' and develop interest in 'gharelu' kaam. My mom was usually my defender who would let me hide behind my books and calm my dad saying: "She'll do it when she needs to." Abu would obviously blame her for spoiling me.
Today, my mom sees my current home for the first time. This is my fourth place after shadi but the first one that husband and I truly put our hearts (and lots of arguments) into setting up in the most personalised way. I spent an entire day on major safai spree, from organising the kitchen cabinets to the wardrobes to making sure every mirror is spotless and every glass is squeaky clean. Obviously she knows I'm pregnant and she's only coming here to facilitate me for the next two months but it is her first time and I REALLY REALLY wanted my house to look spick and span!
No matter how uninterested us girls have been in 'gharelu work', I really feel that when the time comes, we naturally take after our mothers and consciously or unconsciously do things just the way we have seen them do. I can clearly see myself emulating her whenever I'm tidying up for guests and recall how I now fuss over a minor misalignment of couches with my husband when I used to tell my mom to let go of such things back in the day. I hope she comes and sees that she was right all along, I can be sughar (only when I feel the need to be) and manage my house just the way I've seen her do!

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