Top Pregnancy Reads: The Ones That Seem To Be Written By Humans

The most common suggestion from all new moms when I told them of my pregnancy: "Download the BabyCentre app and read What To Expect When You're Expecting". I did both. And within a few weeks,I realized that I only
used the app for taking belly bumpies that record how big my baby is. I also skimmed through the suggested book,couldn't make myself read the tedious writing style and left it feeling skeptical of most of its instructions.

In short,I'm now certain that I'm not the sort to take 'pregnancy guides' or the how-to's of the postpartum and childcare seriously. Every pregnancy and every child is unique and there's no single 'technique' that may be applied to all. Practically every other sentence in a pregnancy guide goes something like: "Xyz 'may' happen but there are only a gazillion exceptions to this so it is best to consult your doctor." I always end up thinking, what's the point of reading all this when I can just ask my doctor if and when something happens? While some people may find it assuring to be aware of all possible precautions they can take and read up on everything that can go wrong, I feel terribly disconnected when popular pregnancy books tell me I shouldn't be doing/eating certain things and my body tells me I'm doing just fine!

But being the book lover that I am, it seemed wrong to not purchase any book the subject. So off I went in search of books that wouldn't make me feel like I have to watch every move I make, think before putting each morsel in my mouth, dread the postpartum period like the doomsday and basically prepare for the end of my life as a sane, functioning human being.I wanted to read books that I could enjoy and pick up practical advice from, not the ones that list bullet points on 'how to go through labour' and then write the most generic things like, 'try to stay calm'. Sure, thanks man, that was helpful!

These three books right here are what I eventually ended up adding to my book shelf. I'm already halfway through Bringing Up Bebe in only a couple of hours and loving it. Dying to get started on the other two. Quite hopeful these will fulfil my criterion of 'useful' pregnancy reads!

What pregnancy/child care/postpartum books did you find genuinely helpful? Leave suggestions for my bookshelf below :)

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