Week 35: The Never Ending Uncertanty in the Last Trimester

The past couple of weeks have been a blur of emotions and uncertainty. I'm in the last trimester and until a week ago I was still not sure if I was going to be delivering in the Arab Land or Pakistan. Stupid visa issues because
of which I wasn't sure if my mother would be able to get here in time. It led to a lot of uncalled for confusions, doubts and emotional out-breaks because I absolutely hate last minute changes, especially when they involve bringing a human being into the world. At one point it seemed like she wouldn't be able to come and I wouldn't be able to travel by air anymore and all my planning will go down the drain. The only reason I was able to stay sane was the belief that God must have a better plan and it would all work out for the best.

Things have FINALLY sorted out and my mom will inshallah inshallah be here tomorrow and I'm sooooo super excited that I cannot explain. I'm dreaming of all the home made food I'll get to eat and already have a list of things I want her to make. This is happening after about 4 months of waiting for the stupid visa. I gained about 10kgs of weight in the meanwhile and our baby grew from the size of an avocado to the size of a melon. Point being, it was a LONG wait!

I am excited to see all the shopping she has done for the baby despite me repeatedly telling her not to get stuff from Pakistan because most of the things are much cheaper here. But this baby is my parents’ first grandchild so you can imagine how all instructions from my end were blatantly ignored by them. I feel like my mom thinks she’s having a baby of her own, only after the gap of some 25 years. My dad is always busy recalling how he ever held me and my brother when we were born because he’s now suddenly scared of how tiny and fragile babies are. He has even alerted his colleagues at work that he will be taking a leave for the birth of his grandchild and has them scheduling major meetings accordingly. Poor guys who have to put up with his changing plans.

As I write this, I’m receiving whatsapps from my father, he’s sending me pictures of ‘panjeeri’ being made at home and all the natural oils he’s sending for me in my mom’s suitcase. He packed her suitcase days in advance and now sends me pictures of it every day. I’m not sure if he’s more excited about Ami finally coming to me or sad about her leaving him for a few weeks until he joins us here.

Would love to hear about any pregnancy stories you might have, share in the comments below :)

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  1. Dude I love how're documenting your pregnancy with these pictures. I'm mother of two and I can tell how I now regret not having any pictures of my pregnancy :( And so excited about your mother coming, haha im remembering the time my mom came for my delivery and we had the best time :D

    1. Thanks Maha!! I'm actually surprised at myself for being able to do this, I usually don't get very lazy with taking pictures but yayyy!

  2. Excuse my excitement but I'm reallyyy looking forward to seeing your baby :D

  3. Loving your bumpies!!! Adorable :*

  4. Omg I had major visa issues for my mother during my pregnancy and it was the most annoying time, made me forget my pregnancy issues for a while :P


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