The Life After Birth


Ever since I started blogging about my pregnancy and the subsequent motherhood experience, I came to know so many amazing mothers who are either at the same stage of motherhood as me or are way more experienced and always have me saying "That is SO me!" to their posts. It is always a pleasure interacting with fellow bloggers and taking part in their projects that I can relate to.

One such project is #TheLifeAfterBirthProject by Brit Deshi Mummy. Its posts hit home every time I read them and I was delighted to become a part of it by sharing a snippet of my life with Aleyan. Check out my post on the Brit Deshi Mummy blog here

You can submit your own story as well and spread some mommy love and inspiration :)


  1. Delighted to have you in our project sister! Honestly your story resonates with me, as a first time mum things can get overwhelming but it's true what a lot of mum say all those sleepless nights and those hours of labour 'is all worth it in the end '

    1. It's all part and parcel of adulting :) When we choose to have kids, we choose those sleepless night!


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