To All The Amazing Fathers - Happy Father's Day!

A father doesn't carry the baby inside his body for 9 months. 

A father doesn't spend months puking his insides out or tossing and turning in bed, night after night, trying to get into a comfortable position.

Postpartum Milestones: Hair Fall That Clogs your Drain

Most women enjoy thick and lustrous mane of hair during pregnancy. I started noticing the change in my hair some time around the second trimester and was wowed. They were thick-er and bouncy-er and SHINY-er!

Aleyan Says: I'm 3 Months Old Already

Hello guys! I turned 3 months old yesterday, yay me! I feel grown up and all, you see that bow tie and the shoes? Well, I can't wait for them to be taken off once mom is done taking a thousand pictures of me. Things I do to make her smile! Apparently this 3-month mark is a big deal, but my mom

From Mindless Recitation to Active Understanding - Becoming Friends With The Quran

All through my childhood, the start of Ramzan meant the start of reciting at least one Juz of the Holy Quran every day. My parents would tell me and my brother that it was the bare minimum of the 'extra' ibaadat we could do
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