Aleyan Says: I'm 3 Months Old Already

Hello guys! I turned 3 months old yesterday, yay me! I feel grown up and all, you see that bow tie and the shoes? Well, I can't wait for them to be taken off once mom is done taking a thousand pictures of me. Things I do to make her smile! Apparently this 3-month mark is a big deal, but my mom has left me very confused. On one hand she wants me to grow up fast and start walking and talking and what not and on the other hand she's sad about her fourth trimester ending and her baby being a baby no more. Separation anxiety issues, anyone? These women, I tell you! Well if she thinks the end of the fourth trimester means I'm gonna stop being clingy to her , haha, she's in for a surprise!

The third month was the most happening one of my life by far. I learnt to recognise faces and I can show my response with my big magical smiles and sparkling eyes. Obviously I love mom's face the mostest. So she gets the biggest laughs. I can tell when she enters the room and I can follow her with my eyes. I also make these adorable sad faces with a pout to make her feel guilty for leaving me alone with Daadi to catch a peaceful nap or go to the loo. I mean, why can't she just take me to the loo with her, why why why?

I also discovered my hands recently. Yes, I've got two of them. And I'm so thrilled about everything I can do with them, so many possibilities. Yet, what I love doing the most is trying to fit them inside my mouth, both of them. Mom is having a hard time controlling me while I nurse. I just wanna grab her face and pull myself up to her. She always brings her face down and kisses me when I'm flailing my arms around but it's more fun grabbing her by the shirt and pulling myself up.

I want to be talked to ALL the time. And I reply to everything with my Coos and Ghaaas, I think I'm pretty much able to hold proper conversations now. I have the longest heart to heart chats with Daadi, she seems to have all the time to listen to all my stories with great interest. If I don't see anyone in front of me more than a few minutes, I make these loud noises to express that I'm not liking being left alone one bit and then I get them back at my service in no time, ha!

I love having play time with mama every day. We read books, sing poems, do tummy time and other exercises. Apparently they help buildings my mascular strength, sounds macho, no? Mama tries to make me hold things but I'm not in the mood for that right now, maybe in a few more weeks. We talk and talk and talk until I get tired and want to sleep. And when I get tired and cranky, then I won't go to anyone but mama NO MATTER WHAT. I'm becoming more aware of my surroundings and my vision is getting better by the day so i take much longer to be put to sleep now. I just wanna look around and stare at the ceilings some more. Fear of missing out, you know. I can tell mom is sometimes too tired to soothe me and help me fall asleep but what do I do, I don't find anybody else's touch as comforting as hers.

I could go on and one and one but it's my first time getting some space here on the blog so guess I should behave myself.

Okay it's milk time now so I have to go. See ya!


  1. Adorable adorable adorable! I wish I had documented my girl's childhood lie this. He will have so much fun when he reading this when he's older :D


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