To All The Amazing Fathers - Happy Father's Day!

A father doesn't carry the baby inside his body for 9 months. 

A father doesn't spend months puking his insides out or tossing and turning in bed, night after night, trying to get into a comfortable position.

A father doesn't go through labour pains and the life long physical changes in his body thereafter.

A father doesn't have to make himself available for the baby 24/7 for those first few months and put his life on a pause.

But think of it the other way.

A father misses out on all of those experiences that a mother gets to go through.

A father doesn't get to feel the baby move inside him.

A father doesn't get to bond with his newborn during those nursing sessions the way a mother does.

A father doesn't get to have that magical effect on the baby when he's crying and just wants his mother's touch to calm down.

A father doesn't instinctively start understanding his baby's needs like a mother does, it takes him a lot more time.

A father misses out on all of that.

Many a times, when Aleyan and I are struggling with sleep and I'm sitting like a zombie at 3am, I see Ahmad looking at me helplessly, asking how he can help. My usual answer is: "Get me something to eat."

I often wonder how frustrating it must be to not be able to help when you really want to. There's not much you can do when the baby refuses to go to anyone other than his mother. And I don't think it feels very nice when your baby outrightly rejects your efforts of soothing him so the mother can have a break.

So here's to all the amazing fathers...

The father who stands beside his pregnant wife and rubs her back when she's dying of nausea.

The father who makes sure everything his wife craves during pregnancy is always present in the house.

The father who holds his wife's hand during labour and repeatedly tells her she can do it.

The father who doesn't change his bedroom to avoid his baby's midnight shenanigans.

The father who waits by the mother's side when she's struggling to feed the baby, just in case she needs something.

The fathers who puts morsels in the mother's mouth because the baby wouldn't let her hands be free so she can have food.

The father who takes the baby out of the room for an hour every morning before going to work so the mother can have some peaceful sleep.

The father who still wakes up and go for work no matter how disturbed his night was.

The father who doesn't differentiate between son and daughter.

The father who takes equal part in raising his children and teaching them good values.

The father who entrusts his daughter with the same freedom that he entrusts his son with.

The father who doesn't buy his favorite watch so he can put in more money for his kid's college fund.

The father who never buys the car he loves because he wants his children to go to a better school.

The father who almost never shops for himself on a work trip because his luggage is filled with presents for his family.

The father who teams up with his children to surprise their mother on her birthday because only they know how much they all love her.

Happy Fathers Day!


  1. Sharing this! So heart touching :)

  2. You have a way with words :)


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