Aleyan Says: I'm 4 Months New

You know what's the best thing that happened in my fourth month? I CAME TO PAKISTAN! I felt so cool travelling by air with my very own passport on which I look like a drugged out potato. My mom and Dadi got so many benefits because of me. The Saudi officer at the airport made them skip
the long long check in and immigration qeues because they were carrying this adorable little baby sleeping in their arms. Yup, that's me! 

There was also this weird day during my fourth month when mama and baba turned into maniacs and were shouting at the tv screen screaming things like CATCH! OUT! FOURRR! Twice they screamed so loudly that I got scared and started crying. Apparently some Mr. Kohli had gotten out! Whatever it was, it made everybody really psyched and I must say I felt a tad bit ignored that day.

Anyways, I spent my first flight in my vest only. Yes, your heard me. We were made to sit in the plane for an hour before take off and it got so hot and stuffy that my mom removed my clothes, only then did I fall asleep. I don't remember anything after that because I slept through the entire flight then. You should ask my mom who held me for 6 hours and made sure I kept sleeping!

There were so many new faces awaiting me in Lahore. There was Nana who had last seen me when I was only a month old chooza. Nano who used to sleep by my side for the first month but then I don't know where did she go. There was Dada who has left me a month ago and was back to receive me at the airport. And there's was these this new face smothering me with kisses. Mama said he's my Mamoo and we'll be the best of friends. I've seen that he's got a car and he drives around on his own, so I see that friendship picking up real soon and reaching great heights! 

I've learnt so many new things this month that I love showing off. I can hold things on my own now and can roll from my side to my back. It's so much fun holding on to my teethers and rattles and flailing them around. I have also recently discovered I can stick out my tongue and I do it all the time now. It's a pointy little thing that makes everyone laugh for some reason. I love love LOVE standing up. I don't like lying down for very long and love it when someone helps me stand on my feet and holds me like that. Mama says she thinks I'm gonna skip crawling and sitting and start walking straightaway!

I have also had my first Eid that I spent just like my Baba loves doing and basically slept through the entire day. So I have no idea what this Eid hoopla is all about.  I don't know what it was that Mama made me wear on Eid. It was just lots of fabric and very airy, nothing like the onesies and t-shirts I'm used to of wearing. But everyone seemed to love it on me so I was cool with it. Other than that, I've basically been chilling with my grandparents in Pakistan. There's always somebody around to play with me. Mama dresses me up so much because there's always someone coming over to see me or I'm going out somewher.  There are so many new places to see and I'm always looking around with my wide open, observing every new place, each new face. I'm loving the attention and the praises and giving out big smiles to build lasting first impressions. Mama says we're going to go back home soon and then it's just going to be her and Baba and that's when the real roller coaster will begin. I say, I'm in for the ride! 

Until next time!


  1. Loving your adventures Aleyan!Lots of love for you :*

  2. I'm already excited about when he'll be old enough to read all this :D

  3. Love the way you explain everything be it aleyan or his mama.. :-)

  4. Haha cute. His exciting journey mA


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