Aleyan Says: I'm 5 Months New

#AleyanSays: I came back from Pakistan leaving a lot of people sad. There were lots of cuddles and lots of pappis and jhappis. Makes me wonder, am I really that special? Mama was so scared of flying with me alone for the first time. I wish I could tell her that I had no plans of misbehaving and making
things difficult for her, but she doesn't understand what I'm trying to say :( I was at my best behaviour all through the journey, slept through most of the flight and spent the remaining time charming the air hostesses with my smiles. We came to Jeddah where Baba was waiting to meet us after 3 long weeks and boy, was he happy to see us!!! I showed him some attitude for a couple of days for leaving me behind and he thought it's because I had forgotten his face. But I was only trying to make him give me more attention and try to earn my recognition :p

My parents have this new obsession with making me sit in this car seat? Can anyone tell me what's wrong with mama's lap? She doesn't seem to understand that I feel comfortable and safe enough in her lap, I don't want a seat of my own. Can't wait to start talking and get rid of these communication issues. But Mama told me that we're moving our house and she and Baba are going to be super busy and exhausted so I'm cutting them some slack before I bombard them with my demands.

I'm five months old. Actually, technically, I'm five and a half now because mom was too caught up to post this (can't wait till I can do it on my own). Anyways, I now love being on my tummy and trying to move forward. I can cover quite some distance by just wriggling myself and often surprise my parents by changing position on my own. Leave me lying flat on my back and I'd have rotated 90 degrees after a while, yass! Mama got this giant looking jumping thing for me that I love sitting in. I figured out how to jump after struggling for a few days and now there's no stopping me. There are so many colorful toys on it - its my new favorite spot! If you want the biggest smiles from me, all you've got to do is call my name and make silly faces. I have a great time seeing grown-ups make a fool of themselves to get a reaction from me, it's hilarious!

I am SO ready try food other than milk, it's not even funny. I stare at mama's food so bad and follow each bite she takes with such longing eyes that it makes her want to hide in a corner. But she's so strong willed about not giving me more exciting food until I am 6 months old that even my pleading eyes and cutest expressions can't shake her resolve. I think she's just trying to avoid horribly soiled diapers for as long as she can. Anyways, I'm working very hard on balancing myself so I can be ready for yummy food and make her even crazier than she already is!

When you hear from me next month, I will hopefully be able to tell you if I like avocados better or apples.

Until then, let me figure out how these adults sit up.

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  1. I was waiting for his 5th month update
    hahaha love reading these


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