Aleyan Says: 6 Months - That's Half A Year!

AleyanSays: I won’t even say I’m 6 months old because I’m going to be 7 months soon insha’Allah - yeah, that’s how much preference this series gets from my mom. Since I’m a big boy now, I’ll start talking about complicated things, things I eavesdrop on when mama baba think I’m asleep. I’m talking development leaps and some crazy stuff about how my world is expanding!

My sixth month was all about shifting to another city and moving to another house. I’m sure you guys are sick of hearing all about it already considering how much mom whined in those days. Trust me, I was a very well behaved baby, she over-exaggerated. In fact, I was the one who was disturbed in my khelne koodnay kay din, I should be applauded for how patiently I lived with all the drill machine noise. These two adults I live with couldn’t stop drilling holes in the walls in the name of getting me used to of living in shor sharaba, how clever!

Anyways, other than all this boring stuff, my sixth month is when I made my Fifth Mental Development Leap, yesss! Sounds fancy, right? I have been making these mental leaps right from my birth but it is only now that I’m starting to notice the change in my world a lot more. The fifth leap is called the leap of ‘Relationships’ and brings about a whole lot of radical changes into us tiny humans’ lives. For example, I can now perceive the distance between two object and that is a HUGE deal for me! It means my world is suddenly a GIANT space and I’m an its bitsy spider?

This leap enabled me to notice so many new things around me that I had no idea about. Teeny tiny zippers, tags and labels are the most interesting things to me now and I can spot them instantly. All the rattles and teethers and teddies are suddenly more interesting to me because I can see all the details on them. I actually like holding them, observing them and playing with them now. I am beginning to understand the juxtaposition between objects, I can tell that something can be ‘inside’ , ‘outside’ or ‘underneath’ another thing. So yes, you can’t fool me anymore by putting something behind your back and saying, ‘It’s gone!’. In complicated terms, I now understand ‘object permanence’, which means that if something is out of my sight, it hasn’t stopped existing. And do all the mommies understand what this leads to *insert evil laugh*?

Yesssss!!! I’m CLINGY! Because I now know that when mama leaves the room, SHE’S STILL OUT THERE SOMEWHERE AND I WOULD DO ALL IN MY POWER TO BRING HER BACK! This means more crying, more fussiness and more protests when I see the distance between me and mama/baba increasing. I was such a fool to not know this before and they got away with so much, but anymore :D

Oh and remember how I was on the quest to figure out how these adults sit up on their own? I DID IT! I can do it as well now. The trick was to balance myself and after a lot of falling here and there (which my parents found hilarious, no idea why) I finally cracked it. But evil mama still gave me no food :( Her excuse was that we’re going for a vacation and we’ll start this new adventure once we’re back home. You guys remember how I was so excited about trying anything, ANYTHING, other than milk? But I let it go because hey, they took me for a holiday!

You see, us babies have a hard life. We’re going through so many physical and mental changes every day and we’re not even able to communicate our needs by any means other than crying, which seems to annoy you adults so much. So I badly needed a change, was so bored of staying at home and just seeing these two faces all the time. I completed half a year in this world the day we landed in Sri Lanka, much needed break!

Remember me and my family in your prayers and if you want to read more about mental leaps (all the previous ones that I didn’t talk about because I was too busy being a newborn) so you can understand and handle us tiny humans better, let mama know and I’ll tell her to write about them!

Mom just tried to escape the room so I’ve got some screaming to do here.

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