Aleyan Says: 7th Month Shenanigans

AleyanSays: My seventh month started in the airplane to Sri Lanka, watching a movie and chilling like pro. The movie was courtesy of the uncle
sitting beside Baba, quite a taste he had for Bollywood.

You must have heard all about this trip from Mama already, but does anyone care how I saw it with my eyes? So much uncertainty about how to travel with a baby, when to travel with a baby, DOs and DON'Ts and what not but will someone spare a moment to ask us babies what we want? We get just as bored of staring at the same walls of the same house all the day long and we love a change in routine just much as you adults do. No rocket science involved here.

I had so many new things to experience during our trip that I did not want to close my eyes and miss any of it. There were new kinds of faces, new places and new sounds. I would stay wide awake, push my nap times and only doze off when I could not hold up any longer and all the rocking in baby carrier lulled me out. I wanted in on everything! I loved being on the train and making friends with all the people going with us, loved being on the tuk-tuk even more, I would sit on the side in mama's lap and enjoy the wind in my hair. I could watch the cars go by all day long and people looking at me through the window, or was that a door? It got tiring at times but what's the big deal? Doesn't it get tiring for the adults?

Maldives was a visual treat for me, water water everywhere. Did Mama ever tell you how much I love water? Baba took me into the shallow waters of the ocean for the first time. I had a float around my neck and Baba was right by my side but it was still scary. I decided I liked the bath tub much better for now. I perfected the art of napping in my stroller by the end of the trip, I napped on the beach, by the swimming pool and next to water fall. Basically, give me the sound of water and I will drift off to dreamworld!

I came back extremely tired but also more stimulated than ever. The most exciting part was that Mama had promised she would start giving me 'grown-up food' once we return and I COULD NOT WAIT! She gave me a yummy orange colored paste-like thing, I don't know what it was but I couldn't help gobble it down. Mama had to eventually take away the bowl because she thought I had eaten more than I should have. Well, that's what happens when you keep us poor souls deprived for so long. It took me two days to figure out that she had been giving me the same thing while she and Baba had new kind of food every day. I wasn't going to take this injustice so I started protesting and got my menu changed. Since then, I don't let her get away with this cleverness anymore. I want new food every day.

I have tried butternut squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, yogurt, rice, oats and egg yolk! My favorite of all of these sweet potatoes, mama gives me big pieces to hold and I have so much fun chomping on them. I'm still figuring out how to swallow and sometimes gag on the pieces I bite with my gums but mama is always right there and she tells me I can work it out on my own. So I do.

Life has become so much busier with food. Most of my awake-time is now spent eating, or trying to eat. I'm trying to transition from 3 naps a day to 2 and messing up my schedule in the process. It will take some time for my growing body to figure out its new needs. I've also started going to this cool place where I see its of other little humans like me, there's music and lights and lots of new toys. I haven't made any friends yet because I'm not sure what to do with tiny humans. I like interacting with their moms though, they're the standard size of humans I know.

I roll over the moment I'm made to lie down and push myself up on my arms. I haven't yet figured out what to do beyond that but the possibilities seem endless and I'm going to keep trying until I crack the secret.

Until next time!

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