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Pulp Feeder by Boon
 So this thing has made its appearance in my insta stories quite a few times and I've been getting a lot of questions about it so I thought of answering
them all in one go.

It is the Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder. I did not make that up, Boon is the company’s name and the rest is pretty self explanatory. I’ve been using this for Aleyan for a while he loves feeding himself with it. I prefer giving him finger food directly but this works wonderfully for fruits and vegetables that I cannot yet give to him because they’re too small or too messy for him to handle right now. 

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You just cut the food into small pieces, put it in, snap the silicone part shit and hand it over to the baby. They suck on the silicone, chew on it with their gums (or teeth, if they have any) and get the juice out. 

It is a great option for moms who’re not comfortable giving carrots/cucumbers to their kids directly as finger food. You can grate the veggies and stuff them inside the silicone part. I’ve tried this with carrots and cucumbers, Aleyan stayed busy for quite some time and once he was done and I opened the feeder to clean it, all that was left was a dried lump, he had sucked out all the juice. 
Happy baby and happy mom!

Foods I’ve tried so far:
Sliced Blueberries
Sliced Tomatoes 
Sliced Bananas 
Sliced Apple
Sliced Strawberries 
Grated Carrots
Grated Cucumbers

It's much easier to suck the juice when sliced or grated, whichever form suits the fruit/vegetable you're feeding. 

All of the above mentioned fruits can and should be given in other forms as well. Offering them in the pulp feeder is not a substitute for proper meals. I usually offer this before meal time as a way to keep Aleyan busy while I prep his food and/or wind up other chores. 

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Stuffed with thinly sliced Blueberries
It is particularly helpful during teething. I put the feeder in the freezer for a while before giving it to Aleyan. He likes chewing on the silicone much better when it's chilled since it is a relief for sore gums. Keeps him occupied, eases the teething woes and let’s him explore different flavours at the same time, a win-win?

There are different variations of this available in the market now. The two different types are silicone and mesh. I strongly prefer silicone over mesh because it is much easier for the mom to clean and more practical for the baby to handle since it’s more sturdy. Below are the different types available by different brands. 

I personally like the one by Boon the best because of its long handle. It’s easier to grip and doesn’t keep slipping from baby hands. It took Aleyan a while to work out how to use it properly. Initially, he kept putting the handle in his mouth and I would repeatedly flip it around and put it in his hand the right way. He has now figured out where to get the good stuff from and easily holds it and feeds himself.

Great practice of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination! 

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I got this particular one from the U.S but I've heard these are now easily available in Pakistan. I haven't done any baby shopping from Pakistan so I cannot tell the exact places, I hope some moms from Pakistan can help? Please share information on where to get this in Pakistan in the comments below. 

A quick google research showed this option for online purchase, but I haven't personally ordered from the website so please do a check for its reliability before ordering.

In Saudi Arabia, I've seen the Munchkin ones at BabyShop a few times. There are also some options available at Souq.com, check them out here.

If you're living in any other country where shopping from Amazon is not super infeasible, then you can just go ahead and order from here.

Hope you and your baby enjoy this - make self-feeding fun!

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