AleyanSays: I’m eight months old and my mom spent good 15 minutes trying to put me in those clothes because I take a second to roll over and scoot forward!

The highlight of my eighth month was a visit to Allah mian’s house on earth, that’s what mama said it is so that’s what it must be. It was the first time I heard the azaan SO loud and it scared my tiny heart. I cried through it and then mama had to offer her prayers while holding me. It was such a fun game, she picked me up when she stood up, made me stand in front of her when she bent down. She also made me lie down beside and went all the way to the ground to play peek-a-boo with me. Baba carried me and went round and round. My favourite part was when Baba would suddenly start running under green lights while I hung to him like a kangaroo baby. Mama said I was distracting people from worship because I kept smiling at everyone around and they kept playing with me. But what can I do, I’m just a baby!

I also went to this big beautiful Mosque in Madina and Baba took me inside and showed me around. I offered my first namaz with jamaat while pulling the clothes of the uncles standing beside Baba. They didn’t seem to mind so it’s okay I guess. And I wasn’t scared of the azaan after the first time, yay!

I’ve been having all kinds of yummy food now. My top two favourite so far are:

  • Avocado and Banana Purée. It’s so mushy and fluffy and yum!
  • Sweet Potatoe and Carrot Purée. I love sweet potatoes on their own but I love them even more combined with carrots. 
Mama gives me soft solid food as well along with purees and let’s me feed myself like a big boy. Because I am a big boy!

I still loveee spending time in my jumperoo and I’ve gradually started paying more attention to my toys. I’ve also discovered my mum’s face like I never did before. Now I spend a lot of time putting my hand in her mouth, pulling her ears and pinching her nose. You’ll mostly find my fist in her mouth while nursing, it’s so comforting!

I had a phase of saying ‘mumumumumum’ on repeat and made mama really happy because she thought I was trying to say mama. But no, I was only saying mumum, which is not the same as mama. I also started shaking my head from side to side randomly. Mama baba started copying me when I do this. Are they monkeys or what?

I spent A LOT of time on my tummy this month because I desperately wanted to crawl. But all I did was rotate like the arms of a clock! I realised I did cover some distance by doing that so if I wanted to reach something, I just keep rotating on my tummy until I got there. All this learning to crawl business is really exhausting. What do you adults know how difficult it is to learn such a difficult task. I can push myself up on my arms but what do I do then? Mama kept helping me push forward but I just couldn’t get the hang of it. She’s says I’ll get there so I'm sure I will, eventually!

Oh, two of my teeth are also on their way to making a grand entry. I don’t like them at all because they’re just hiding in my gums and they hurt sometimes. I love Sophie more than ever because chewing on her makes me feel better. Mama keeps giving me cold carrots and cucumbers to chew on and it helps but it’s been so long and I want my teeth to come out already!

Hopefully I'll be covering more distance when we meet next, without having to rotate all the energy out of me. 


  1. You are love Aleyan! You will read this one day and laugh so much :D

  2. My baby was toothless on her first birthday


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