Book Review: The Still Point of The Turning World

An author’s first book is usually a labor of love. The Still Point of the Turning World is no different; it is the product of Sheikh’s intense labor and unrelenting love for writing. Labor, because I have personally witnessed him run around the circular running track (at LUMS) for miles at end, during the time he wrote his book, probably in attempts to find the still point of the turning world at the centre of the field. And, as for love, the book took me back to my senior year, where I recall fellow students could not help but rave about Sheikh’s love for writing and his inspiring lectures.

The main characters (Sarah & Omar) remind me of so many people I met during my time in college. The depth of the characters, coupled with Sheikh’s elucidation on their inner thoughts, afforded a new perspective on the people I have interacted with. Some I am still in touch with, where as others are just strangers now. If you are looking for a light read, and something that would take you back to the days in which you’d just embraced adulthood, or if you have just stepped out of your teenage, this book is for you. It helps you see things through the eyes of those who you dearly love but fail to understand. Sheikh will take you back to your college life and make you relive it in a way that might give you some closure or may even inspire some regret or dread. The deep insight which the book provides on college life, in the Pakistani context, is intriguing and fascinating. Sheikh also manages to steer the plot of the novel towards the current political ambiance of Pakistan where security has been of major concern; residing in a popular university in such a time, feeling exposed to the security threats adds a very real dimension to the book, giving it even more depth. The Still Point of the Turning World is one of those books that helps Pakistani (youths) decipher the on going Pakistani discourse in a slightly better light, proving to be a tempting read and thus comes highly recommended.

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