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When I started preparing for the weaning journey, the first thing I wanted to get was a baby food processor. While it may be an unnecessary item for many, it was essential for me to have a separate appliance for making
Aleyan’s baby food. Why, you may ask, since preparing baby food is essentially just steaming/boiling and blending. Here’s why:

  • I’m not a very kitchen savvy person. I don’t like spending much time next to the stove with pots and pans and all the cleaning up that comes after. 
  • The blender I had was too big for making small quantities of baby food. 
  • I really wanted to give home made food to Aleyan but I also knew my resolve might waver once the initial excitement died down and I didn’t find the process convenient enough for my liking. I wanted to make it as hassle-free for myself as possible to ensure I could continue in the long run. 

I did some research and baby food processors out there and shortlisted two:

  1. Baby Brezza One-Step Baby Food Maker
  2. Baby Bullet - Baby Care System (I'll link both of these below)

While I loved the adorable design of Baby Bullet and the complete set of accessories it comes with, the distinguishing factor of Baby Brezza was that it is a Steamer + Blender, which takes the convenience factor to a whole new level. Enter a a friend who was already using Baby Brezza and highly recommended it and my decision was made simpler.

(Before you read through the details and then hate me for telling this right at end, please know that Baby Brezza is unfortunately not available in KSA or Pakistan. I ordered mine from Amazon and had a very generous friend bring it for me. Please don't hate me.)

Since I planned to do a combination of Traditional and Baby led weaning win Aleyan, I did not always want to make purees and often needed the steamer alone. I've been using it for almost 3 months now, and here are all the reasons I love it:
  • Steam + Blender: You don't need two separate appliances. You don't need to steam on the stove, then make puree in the blender and then clean the mess if you're as clumsy as I am. 
  •  In- Built Timer: Chop your fruits/veggies, put them in the Brezza and select the required time for steaming. Once the steaming part is done, the blender will start automatically and the appliance will shut off when done.
  • Steamer only function: 
    • This means it can be used beyond the age of purees.
    • I have been steaming finger-sized veggies for Aleyan right from the beginning. Sometimes I take out half the quantity after steaming and blend the other half and I have both pureed and finger food prepared in one session. 
    • I also use the steam function for thawing  previously frozen purees before feeding. 
  • Easy-to-clean: Its a small plastic jug that cleans up in a jiffy. 
  • Ideal for batch cooking: I like to prepare and freeze Aleyan's food in batches to avoid every-day fire fighting at meal times. One jug of Brezza easily gives about 9-10oz of puree. I prepare 4-5 veggies/fruits on a weekend and then I'm ready to make different combinations throughout the week when I can't cook fresh. 
  • Time-saving: The only time you spend is on peeling and cutting your veggies and fruits. After that, all you do is put it in Brezza, put on the timer and go about sipping your tea and watching tv. Sorry, I meant go about doing baby laundry. When you hear the beep, come back, pour out the food, wash wash the jug, put in the next batch of chopped veggies and off you go again.

Who is it NOT ideal for? 
If you only serve freshly prepared food to your baby and do not make food for more than one meal at a time, then it might not be a suitable option.

The Baby Brezza comes with a manual which not only has the suggested cooking times for a variety of popular fruits and veggies but also had 8 different recipes for combination purees. 

I use these Freezer Storage Trays to freeze the purees. They're stackable and flexible so cubes slip out easily. Once the food is frozen, you can release and store the cubes in ziplock bags and have your trays free for further use. Each tray has 21 x 1oz cubes so I know the exact quantity of meals. 

Purchase info:
I purchased Baby Brezza from Amazon, here. It was $58 when I got it but has gone up tp $73 now. Still cheaper than a lot of other options out there from the more famous brands. 

If you're not keen on getting a 2-in-1 function and want more accessories for storing and serving, you can check out Baby Bullet for $60 here . If you're in the middle east, Baby Bullet is currently on a 30% off on Souq and also available on Mumzworld here.

It operates at 110V so if you're living in a country with different operating voltage, you'll need to get a voltage convertor. I use one as well and it works perfectly fine with it. 

Preparing baby food is no rocket science, it is actually one of the simpler tasks us moms do for the babies. But doing it every day, thrice a day, along with all the other mandatory chores, it gets tough. And oh the heart break when your hard work gets rejected by the baby and you have to offer more variety. Amidst all the fire-fighting, if I can avail the opportunity to make a task a little simpler and save myself some time to do my own thing that makes me happier, I will grab it with both hands and never let it do. On that note, I'll go hug my Baby Brezza. 

Happy Baby Fooding!


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