Interactive Soft Cloth Books For Babies and Toddlers

Soft cloth books are a great for babies who are at the stage of throwing things around and putting everything in their mouth. They’re also lightweight which means they're easy to carry around in the diaper bag. I got quite a few cloth books for Aleyan, some lift-a-flap ones and some touchy-feely ones, but these two cloth books here definitely stood out from the rest. They’re engaging and fun and the way Aleyan interacts with keeps changing as he grows. From throwing them around and putting them in his mouth to actually doing the activity on each page, I see these being useful and entertaining for many more months to come.

I purchased these from Ali Express (no surprises there), for about $7 each, and got them delivered to Pakistan. However, the seller I purchased it from is not delivering to pakistan or Saudi Arabia anymore (I have no idea why).There are quite a few other sellers selling the same thing, I'm linking one who seems to have the better rating and the highest number of orders. Cannot guarantee a smooth delivery experience like I had but there's no harm trying because you can always open a dispute and get a refund for your money in case your product does not arrive.

The seller I purchased from:
Online Shopping Malls

Recommended Seller:
Infantsmeet Store - I've purchased other items from this store and had smooth delivery experience.
Priced at $10.4 each. Free delivery to KSA and $0.53 delivery charges to Pakistan via regular post. 

Other stores selling for a little cheaper - no personal experience:
Roy Toy Store - $8.5 each
Shop2818031 Store - $8.5- $9 each

A page by page review of the books is on my instagram story highlights, saved under the ‘reads’ section. Follow on instagram by clicking here.

Hope you and your littles ones enjoy these!


  1. Hi Jaan! Your writing is so similar to The Desi Wonder Woman's writing style. So cute!


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