My Salah Mat - A Solid Investment For Little Muslims

I had come across My Salah Mat various times and always thought of it as something I’d consider getting for Aleyan when he’s a little older. So when they reached out to me to send in their product, I was excited to finally see it for myself. We inaugurated our newly received My Salah Mat this Friday and I’m SUPER IMPRESSED with how thoughtfully the product has been designed. 

My Salah Mat has been designed to be used by children aged 3-10 years. The younger ones can engage with the mat and listen to various ayahs, surahs and instructions on how to pray and as they grow and their understanding increases, they can follow the guidance on different postures and start performing salah on their own. It is an interactive prayer mat with 36 pre-recorded touch sensitive keys that play a different part of the salah and take the child through the entire process - from Azan and Wuzu all the way till Du'aa. The recordings, which include recitations of different surahs and instructions on how to perform different acts of the prayer, are available in 7 different languages including Urdu, English and Arabic. You can choose the prayer you’re offering, stand at the designated spot and My Salah Mat will take you through the entire prayer. It comes with a Salah Activity Book to reinforce children’s learning about salah through engaging activities and a Free Guide for Parents that gives tips on how to inspire children from different age groups to learn and pray salah using My Salah Mat. 

Aleyan already tries to copy how we offer salah, from standing with his arms folded to bowing down and sitting and making dua, he’s picked up on a lot just by observation. Hearing ‘Allah ho Akbar’ is currently his standard cue to start offering his version of prayer  and I’m really looking forward to start using My Salah Mat with him and further develop his interest. 

My Salah Mat is based out of UK, costs $44.99 and delivers worldwide if you place an order on their website (linked below). They have distributors/retailers at other places so do get in touch with them for buying options in your own country. 

A solid investment for little Muslims :)

Website: My Salah Mat
Instagram: @mysalahmat

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