Hello & Welcome

I don’t know how you stumbled upon this infant blog of mine but I’m so glad that you did. Please know that I am sending out happy vibes to you already.

I am a twenty-something Pakistani girl, currently living in Saudi Arabia with my husband and without my cat. He is dearly missed, the cat, not the husband. I love performing arts, mountains, lahori winters and fairy lights (hence the picture you see above). Currently trying to figure out lots of things. Expat life. Embracing Saudi Arabia as home. Living without a 9 to 5 corporate job. Growing Up. And handling a tiny human being who sticks to me like I'm his mother, weirdo. 

The Spice of Adulting is here because I'm obsessed with the word ‘adulting’. Okay no, sorry, bad joke. But hey, its such a fun word to play around with. Husband thought it might come off as inappropriate to some people (errr, he has a dirty mind) but I insisted that us millennials are cool like that. However, I strongly feel that what a majority of us are in fact not cool with, is the very idea of adulting - happy adulting, enjoyable adulting, feel good adulting, not-because-you-have-to-but-because-you-want-to adulting.

So if you're also adulting and want some happy thoughts, keep visiting.

See ya!

P.S: Some introduction happening here - to me and the blog.
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